Saturday, August 24, 2013

8/24/2013 - Final Blog Update (Facebook and Twitter to Continue)

Air Attack - Heli on Big Windy Complex

The Southern Area Red Type 1 Incident Management Team will assume responsibility for management of the Big Windy Complex at 0600 on Sunday, August 25th.  PNW Team 3 wishes to thank community members and cooperators for the outstanding support that was provided to the fire fighters and team members for the duration of the team’s assignment. This will be the final post on the blog. The incoming team will continue to provide updates through the Facebook and Twitter sites.


  1. Thank you so very much!!! Please know your work on behalf of our community is much appreciated.

  2. It's with the deepest heartfelt thanks that we bid farewell to Team 3. Our community is so grateful for the efforts and hard work of all fire fighting personnel. Your families should be very proud of you, because we sure are! :) Nana in Merlin